Wednesday, June 14, 2006


We had a big employee appreciation BBQ last week, and dozens of people were struck with food poisoning…some so severely that they had to go to the emergency room.

Today, we received the following e-mail:

In order to conduct the investigation in a timely manner, please complete the attached questionnaire and send it via fax to [redacted]. The Department of Health Services needs information not only from those that were ill, but also from people who were not ill.

The Department of Health Services is also working on contacting a nurse to drop off stool specimen collection kits. More specific information to follow.

Fortunately (and strangely, considering that I have a really tetchy tummy), I managed to escape the outbreak, so I don’t have to submit to the indignity of dropping trou at work and squeezing out a cup of my brown bounty.

Thank god for (not so) small favors.