Saturday, June 23, 2007

and on a lighter note...

Courtesy of the brilliant folks at Milkfat.

By the way, does anybody get the "Sa na sa!" reference? Googling turned up diddly.

While I have you all on the horn, so to speak, thanks for your kind e-mails. Most of all, 'nuff respect to my HSLM for getting me out of the house and taking me out for dinner and shopping. You guys are truly the win, and I wish you all a weekend full of orgasms and ice cream.

Speaking of that shopping trip, we went to Marshalls, where I found an assortment of anime-inspired household goods. Most of the items were unbelievably ugly, like a marginally talented junior high school student's attempts at drawing manga, but I found one item that I simply had to purchase immediately:

Yes, for the low low price of $4.28, I was able to purchase a creamer.

A creamer with a faux anime character on it.

A creamer with a faux anime character on it saying "Creamy!"

Man, my new kitchen is going to be MAD pimpin'.