Sunday, November 20, 2011

my not-so-wicked stepmother (to be)

When I wrote my Q&A entry, I forgot to answer a question somebody left for me, so now I shall rectify

(uh huh huh huh...rectify)

that oversight.

By the way, I still need writing fodder for NaNoJoMo and I am determined to see it through to the end, so if you have any burning questions that you'd like me to answer, ask away! Standard disclaimer: I reserve the right to not answer any questions on the grounds of privacy violation (mine or someone else's) and/or sheer peevishness.

I promise not to tell Daddy-O, do you REALLY feel about him getting remarried?

I won't deny that it will be weird, though of course not as weird as it would be if I still lived at home. But hand to God, I am thrilled that he's getting married. Unlike his former fiancee, who was an emotionally needy shrew who took and never gave, A treats him like an equal. I don't think any relationship is ever truly 50/50, but they seem damn close. They have a camaraderie that's really fun to watch.

A is really, really smart. She speaks 5 languages fluently, she's a lawyer, and she's a fierce feminist who wrote for Ms. in the 80's. And she's not only good to my father, but she's good to my brother, who has Asperger's and can be challenging to deal with, which is a surefire way to win my trust and respect. I haven't had the opportunity to spend much time with her, but I really like her.

I know my dad still loves and misses my mom. I don't want to speak for my mom, but I think she'd be glad that my dad, 15 years after her death, has found someone he loves that loves him back. And as I told my dad, "I don't think Mom would have liked [your former fiancee], but I think she'd really like A." He smiled and agreed.

So next spring, when they get married, I'll be sitting in the front row and crying my head off, but not because I'm upset. I'll be crying because weddings are beautiful and I love my dad.