Thursday, November 10, 2011


TEMPERATURE OUTSIDE: 70 degrees. I love Southern California so damn much. Well, except for the traffic/crowds. Those suck.

CLOTHES: Plain black t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, the usual undergarments.

PERFUME: Um...With Love. Yes, Hilary Duff's perfume. But you know what? I am only mildly ashamed because I got it dirt cheap and it smells really good. Amber-based fragrances tend to be overwhelming on me (and forget about patchouli, oy), but the other notes balance it out very nicely.

BOOK: 11/22/63 by Stephen King. It came out on Tuesday and the library had a copy waiting for me yesterday. I absolutely mega-heart my local library, and if, in a dystopian not-so-future, forces of censorship ever threaten to close it down, I will take up arms (a la the manga series Library Wars) and fight to the death for that place.

LUNCH PLANS: I'm going to walk over to Barnes & Noble, read magazines, and buy a giftcard for my brother's Christmas present. I already ate lunch at my desk, and about two minutes after I finished eating, I got to look at pictures of somebody's gaping head wound. Worst. Dessert. Ever.

IRRITATIONS: Outlook, which is literally the ONE thing I need to do my job properly, is slower than a molasses-covered sloth in January. Also, Jesus Chandler Christ, could my coworkers be any fucking louder? One of them laughs exactly like a cartoon witch. What, do I work in a coven? And Netflix has Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva in very long wait status, and since you know they bought like one copy of it, I'll never get to see it. Yes, this is the very definition of a white people problem but I don't care.

SONG: "His Name's Frank!" by Lifeseeker, a fitting tribute to Frank West, kick-ass photojournalist, women's clothes aficionado, and zombie slayer extraordinaire. I like to bump this song in my car and pretend that I'm cool. The lyrics are really funny, too; my favorite lines are "Taking zombie upskirts/is he a necrophiliac?"

NAMES FOR MY DREAM CATS: I would love to adopt two male British shorthair kittens and name them Oscar (after Oscar Wilde) and Bosie (after Lord Alfred Douglas, who was known as "Bosie" and was the love of Oscar Wilde's life). Every single British shorthair cat in the world is named Winston and we need to buck the trend! G and I have also decided that cats named Momo and Appa (after the flying lemur and sky bison from Avatar: The Last Airbender) would be kinda boss.

CRAVING: G time (less than 48 hours away!). A massage (7 hours away!). And Whole Foods has a key lime tart with a shortbread crust in their bakery that is just fucking sublime (not happening any time soon!).

QUOTE: "If my life wasn't funny, it would just be true, and that is unacceptable." (Carrie Fisher)