Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So we just hired two new temps to take over for people who will be unavailable until June due to "job education opportunities". (The women who are leaving are the only ones who adversely affect me and my workload, but let's not get into that or I will fling myself on the floor and have a tantrum.)

Anyway, one of them, S, is African-American (relevant, I promise) and is training with my coworker MP, who sits directly across from me. At one point, S said to me, "You have a GORGEOUS cat." I was confused for a moment, since sadly I have no cat, but then I realized she was looking at my picture of Winston:


"Unfortunately, he's not mine," I said. "He belongs to a family friend, but I love him so much that my boyfriend's dad took that picture and framed it for me."

"Well, he's just beautiful! I think just about anyone could fall in love with that face, although we don't like cats."

I couldn't figure out why she was using the royal "we", but I wasn't about to ask. MP, however, had no reservations and piped up, "We? Who's we?"

And S said, "Black people."


I'm totally not trying to be Ignorant White Girl here, but seriously. WHAT?