Thursday, April 16, 2015

25 things you don't know (or forgot) about me

(Inspired by the Us Weekly feature)

1. My mother played drums.

2. I get my love of reading and cats from her, but I didn't inherit her love of children.  I do have a serious maternal instinct when it comes to animals and people I care about, though.

3. The first movie I can remember seeing was a revival of The Jungle Book.

4. My first pet was a hamster named Pixie, who was a raving bitch.  It might have been hormones, though, because it turned out that she was pregnant when we got her.  We kept one hamster, named Honey Bunny, and returned the rest to the pet shop.

5. My idea of the perfect meal, expensive version:  a kobe beef filet, an enormous mound of mashed potatoes absolutely drenched in butter, a decadent dessert, and Cristal champagne.

6. My idea of the perfect meal, cheap edition:  cheeseburger (ketchup, mustard, and pickles only), a Coke, french fries, and old-fashioned sugar cream pie, which...

7. my absolute all-time favorite food.  Unfortunately, I've only ever seen it in Indiana.  (It's also known as hoosier pie, and is their state pie.)  If it's warmed up just slightly, I swear to god it will make your tastebuds simultaneously orgasm.

8. I have a great fondness for the state of Indiana, and not just because of the pie; my maternal grandparents lived there and I spent a lot of time at their lake house.  The anti-gay legislation going on there right now really pisses me off, though.

9. The three worst things to ever happen to me all happened within three years of each other:  1996, 1997, and 1998.

10. Because I'm such an introvert and spent a LOT of time by myself growing up, I almost never get lonely, but when I do, it's REALLY bad.

11. I recently discovered Broad City and tore through the first season in a matter of days.  The housecleaning scene in the first episode made me laugh so hard I choked.

12. My favorite movie is Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, which I saw 3 1/2 times in the theater.  (The half was due to the film breaking at around the 90 minute mark.  We got a refund.)  My second favorite is The Fall, which probably made me cry harder than any movie ever has.

13. My favorite author is Stephen King, and has been for over 30 years.  The Green Mile is one of my ten favorite books of all time.

14. I'm a "late adopter".  It took me forever to get a CD player, a DVD player, a flatscreen TV, and a smart phone.

15. I tend to get along better with men, not out of internalized misogyny, but because my interests were so stereotypically "male" when I was growing up (comic books and video games) that I couldn't really relate to other girls.

16. According to my iTunes, my most played track is "Assassin" by Muse (308 plays).  Speaking of which...

17. ...I would probably consider Muse my favorite band, followed closely by Sparks.

18. I hate Facebook with a passion, and the only FB account I have is used strictly to send and receive Candy Crush lives.  I do not plan to ever have a personal FB account.

19. I love Twitter, though.

20. I record most TV shows and watch them later so I can skip commercials, but the one show I watch live is Hell's Kitchen because I love it so goddamn much.  The next time I go to Vegas, I want to eat at one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants.

21. My most cherished possession is my mom's engagement ring.

22. My favorite website is Jezebel.

23. If I could choose one vacation destination that I haven't been to before, I'd pick Italy.

24. My absolute favorite slash pairing is Nivanfield (Piers Nivans/Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 6).  Just thinking of them makes my toes curl.

25. And speaking of people who make my toes curl, G-Vo is the best thing that's ever happened to me.  Nothing else even comes close.