Thursday, July 03, 2008

paging Dr. Freud

So I was sitting at my desk procrastinating working, and I realized that I hadn’t flipped to the next page on my calendar. It’s a freebie that I got during a Little Tokyo shopping trip, and it has a wide variety of pictures that are so colorful and cute they’ll make your teeth melt.

Anyway, I turned the page to July and tacked the calendar back on my cube wall, and then I did a classic double take. I began wheezing with laughter, and instantly I took the calendar back down and hurried over to K’s side of the building.

“Okay, am I just a pervert? Tell me what this picture looks like to you,” I said, handing K the calendar and pointing at the bottom of the page.

“Um, like he’s munching on a big dick.”

Dick on a stick…coming soon to a fair near you!

(And by the way, that's actually a squid. Someone tried to sell me one when I went cherry blossom viewing, and I was all, "Hey, no thanks, that looks fucking nasty." Except in Japanese. And without the "that looks fucking nasty" part. Okay, I just said no. GOD.)