Friday, February 06, 2009

Costa Rica pt. 3.5: no me gusta!

[01/26/09; transcribed from my trip journal and continued from the previous entry]

When we arrived at the lodge, we were greeted on the dock by the staff, who handed us warm towels, cookies, and a delicious drink that tasted like an alcoholic cherry Slurpee. I gratefully wiped off my face and devoured the treats, then took my room key and headed off towards my cabin.

There were beautiful mosaics everywhere I looked.

When I reached my cabin…

…I found one inside, too.

When they said the rooms were rustic, they meant it! No TV or phone, which was fine, but I really could have used a clock (especially since my dumb ass left my travel alarm in the other suitcase) and air conditioning. And the windows didn’t have glass on them, although they did have screens, security bars, and privacy shutters. The beds seemed comfortable enough, at least.

No blankets or bedspread, only a thin sheet, but it was so ungodly hot and humid that I wouldn’t have wanted those things anyway!

I put my passport and wallet in the safe, and then I grabbed my camera and walked down to the beach.

I was really disheartened by how much trash was on this beach. Anyone who would litter in this beautiful country deserves to be horsewhipped.

Back at the lodge, I paused to snap one final shot for the night…

Y U so arty?

…and then I stopped in my room to change shoes and take a whiz. I was washing my hands when I noticed something strange on the wall. Peering closer, it looked like a tiny necklace made out of red pearls.

What th---


Okay, technically I was the trespasser and they had more right to be there than me, and for all I know, the creatures contained within might have held the key to curing cancer or something. But not wanting to find out what would hatch from RED EGGS, I wiped them off the wall with a huge wad of toilet paper and flushed them away.

I grabbed my flashlight (the sidewalks were very dimly lit) and headed off to the restaurant, where I had a boring dinner of plain buttered noodles. Afterwards, I sat on the dock and watched the lights dancing on the water for a while, and then I returned to my room. I flipped on the light and saw what looked like a black olive sitting on the bed.


I let out a little shriek and raced to the bathroom, where I grabbed my bottle of 100% DEET. I shook the sheet onto the ground, and the interloper sat there in a daze, giving me the opportunity to squirt him. It raced under the bed, and I had a minor meltdown imagining what else might be in my room. But there wasn’t anything that could be done about it. I was out in the middle of frickin’ nowhere, with the ocean on one side and the jungle on the other. What was I going to do, find a Marriott?

Because of my aforementioned dumbassery in not packing my travel alarm, and because the room didn’t have a clock, I decided to turn in early so I wouldn’t oversleep and miss the boat ride in the morning. I brushed my teeth, and after careful consideration, put my toothbrush in the safe so I could be assured that no creepy crawlies would clamber over it. Then I took two of my precious Arcedol pills and, after checking it over and over again for trespassers, got into the bed where I didn’t see the cockroach. I was reading when I heard a strange skittering noise above my head, and filled with dread, I slowly looked up…

…and saw a lizard.

Whimpering, I pulled the sheet over my head and waited for the Arcedol to work its magic.