Friday, January 08, 2010

goddammit, Steve Carell

I was ten minutes late to work today.


Well, for once, it was through no fault of my own. Rather, it's because they're filming The Office at my office, and I had to park in the next fucking zip code. When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw hordes of people and cameras and those big white...thingies they put up to reflect light or whatever, and a security guard imperiously held up his hand as I started to turn into the lot where I usually park.

"No parking," he said.

"I work here," I said, holding up my ID badge.

"Other lot."

So I had to turn around, drive to the other lot, park, and speed walk about a half-mile (no exaggeration) to get inside. By the time I got to my cube, I was irritated as all hell, and my mood wasn't improved by hearing a coworker screech that she ran into Christian Slater when she got here this morning.


Did I get to meet Christian Slater, who I've seen in Heathers and Pump Up the Volume about a million times? No, I did not. I got to meet the surly security guard.

So if you see an episode of The Office featuring special guest star Christian Slater, look in the background. If you see a harried woman flipping off the camera as she sprints toward the building, that would be me.