Thursday, November 04, 2010

you better do what I say...that's amore!

(Title taken from Bibi Love's song in Dead Rising 2)

I'm sitting here waiting for somebody to call me back and help me with this new project into which I was dragged kicking and screaming. Needless to say, the meeting with my boss yesterday did not go in my favor. I love how she always tells me that I need to speak up more, and then when I DO, I get reamed for it.

I forgot to mention that yesterday, when I walked to Bristol Farms on my lunch break, there was a huge Radar Online van in the parking lot. I didn't actually see any paparazzi, but it wouldn't surprise me; Britney Spears, Heather Locklear, and Denise Richards have all been spotted in that shopping center, though not together and never by me. It's always a trip when I'm flipping through one of the weekly rags and see the same Bristol Farms where I buy Coke Zero and Annie's Cheddar Bunnies.

Stars...they're just like us! Only richer. But goddamn, I would never want to be famous; I think it would be utterly miserable to not be able to buy tampons or Cheez Whiz without flashbulbs constantly going off and people blogging about my fashion choices and how I went to CVS without makeup on and OMG STONE HER AS A WITCH. I'd be okay with being a famous author, though, since you get the perks without most of the problems. How many authors would you recognize in public, after all? I'd recognize Stephen King, John Connolly, Danielle Steel, Joyce Carol Oates, and JK Rowling. Maybe Dean Koontz.

Speaking of gossip, sorta kinda, do you all read Dlisted? Because if you don't, and you love gossip and things that are awesome, then please take a looksee. It's run by Michael K, an openly gay blogger who can be absolutely caustic to celebrities, but isn't afraid to take what he dishes out. Two of my favorite Michael K lines (these are from memory, so they might not be verbatim):

  • (On a picture of Ryan Gosling eating an apple) It really is the simple things in life that give you a reason to take your pants off in the middle of a work day.
  • I spent my Saturday the same way I always do. I watched TV for ten hours and then I cried in the shower., this chick is never going to call me back.


Hey, what's in my purse? Let's look!

First of all, here's my purse. Well, not my actual purse; I got this picture off Ebay. But this is what my purse looks like, only a bit dirtier:


  • Pink Juicy sunglasses case with black Juicy sunglasses and a cleaning cloth inside.
  • iPod
  • Dr Pepper Lipsmacker
  • A pen shaped like a tube of toothpaste that came as a freebie with one of my Japanese manga magazines
  • Regular boring pen
  • Bottle of Aleve
  • Las Vegas keyring holding my car key, apartment key, and mailbox key
  • Purple hairbrush
  • Horribly outdated cell phone, but it still works so I don't give a shit because I hate talking on the phone anyway
  • Hand sanitizing wipes. Seriously, y'all, these are a must have. Either you'll need one, or someone else will, and they will be very impressed when you whip one out.
  • Tokidoki compact mirror
  • Small notebook where I jot down books I want to read, things I have to remember, etc.
  • Emery board
  • Two generic Claritin tablets
  • Wallet holding approximately $16 and change, 2 library cards (one for the county where I live and one for the county where I work), the usual customer loyalty cards, 2 credit cards, a Jamba Juice giftcard, ATM card, driver's license with an appallingly goofy photo.

The number of items in my queue is well past 300 now, and I still don't know how to do this shit.