Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Thanksgiving vacation, part 1

I'm still waiting for a few pictures from my trip, but I figured I'd better go ahead and start writing before my memory gets too fuzzy!

...okay, fuzziER. Gosh!

Anyway, we left for Florida on the 20th, and it was about as painless as travel gets. We caught a bus at the Van Nuys flyaway immediately, traffic to LAX was light, and the security line took all of five minutes to get through. (I was kind of hoping to get the full TSA treatment just so I'd have something new to bitch about, but no dice.) Our flight was also uneventful, aside from a brief bout of turbulence.

When we arrived in Miami, we were met by G's brother-in-law J and his nephew D. After dispensing hugs, we tossed our luggage in the trunk and drove to the house to meet up with G's sister A, his other nephew I, and G's parents, who I shall refer to here as Madre and Padre. I was taking off my shoes when I heard J say, "I think you might want to take a look at this." So I glanced up...

...and he put this into my arms.

As I stood there, stunned, holding the kitten, he put another one into my arms!

Dear reader, I freaked the fuck out.

I shifted my weight from side to side, gazing down at my glorious fuzzyheaded bounty, as J explained how they came to be in possession of two tiny MUFFINHEADED KITTYHEADS. One of I's classmates had been feeding a feral cat who gave birth, and once the kittens were old enough, she tried to find homes for them. After getting permission, I. brought these two loveyboos home. The gorgeous calico is Arwen, and the sweet black and white boy is Gandalf.

Spoiler alert: I fell in massive love with the kittens and spent as much time as I could with them during the trip. I know I shouldn't have a favorite, but I favored Arwen, because she was so feisty and Jesus Christ LOOK AT THAT FACE.

But of course they were both heart-meltingly, tooth-achingly cute. They loved playing with empty toilet paper rolls, and would rear up on their hind legs and paw at the air before leaping upon their prey.

...I miss them.