Friday, November 07, 2008

WeHo Halloween (VERY image heavy)

I can’t even begin to describe West Hollywood on Halloween, but fortunately, thanks to the magic of digital photography, I don’t have to! All of these pictures (with one exception that I’ll note when I get to it) were taken by R; I’m posting them with her permission. Some of them have comments if you mouse over them.

Mad props must go to the following people for making the evening so much goddamn fun:

  • R and P, for coming all the way from Washington DC, and for sharing their pictures
  • M, for booking the hotel and doing such an awesome job with the decorating. She decorated G’s and my room with dismembered baby dolls; R and P got snakes! She also left a much-appreciated basket of candy and champagne on our beds.
  • C, for driving in some seriously tense and crowded conditions. I was about ready to have a panic attack, and I was in the backseat! But he stayed calm and collected and got us where we needed to be.
  • G, because.

Also, as noted in the entry title, this is REALLY image heavy, so you may want to get a snack and a refreshing beverage of your choice while this page loads.

Getting our drink on at the hotel

Taking Glenn into custody

A drunk cop is a mean cop!

You have the right to remain silent, but you may want to scream

Pimpin’ ain’t easy

M shows off her Selma Nilla costume

R and P

G with Sora from Kingdom Hearts

I freakin’ LOVE this picture, even though I look like I’ve been indulging in a few illicit substances…WHICH I WASN’T

How cute are they?

Unfortunately, you can’t see his sign here, but it said VOTE FOR MCCAIN

G with Ichigo from Bleach on the left and Cloud from one of the Final Fantasy games on the right.

Yes, these are real firemen!  Or else really, really dedicated to their craft, seeing as they had a truck and all.

Considering what happened less than a week later, this picture makes me very sad.  Look how adorable these guys are!  When I saw them, I wanted to give them a hug but I wasn’t able to get through the crowd.  I found this picture online last week, but now I can’t find it again so I can give proper credit.  If it’s yours, let me know and I’ll either credit you or take it down, whichever you want.

He actually made noise if you pressed his buttons.

WIN! When I saw these guys, I actually screamed with delight.  For the 99% of you reading this who have absolutely no idea who they are, it’s Pyramid Head and a zombie nurse from Silent Hill 2, my favorite video game of all time.  Pyramid Head was very nice and did not cut me in half, which is something he likes to do.