Wednesday, July 13, 2005

not fair, not fair, NOT FAIR

Jealousy is an unpleasant emotion, but even more so when you're jealous of someone you love.

To wit, Daddy-O.

Not only is he currently in Paris on his company's dime, but he's staying in a fancy hotel.

And not only is he staying in a fancy hotel, but he called my brother to tell him that while he and his coworkers were waiting in line at the checkout desk, a hubbub erupted. Cameras were going off and people were talking excitedly, and a man in black sunglasses and a long black coat, accompanied by a huge entourage, rushed by. The man bumped into Daddy-O and said "Oh, sorry, mate," putting his hand on my dad's shoulder. The man continued on his way, with the cameramen and photographers following him.

One of Daddy-O's coworkers did a classic doubletake and said, "Oh my god, [Daddy-O], do you know who that was?"

My dad frowned and said, "He looked kind of familiar. Some sort of rock star?"

"That was Bono!"

"From INXS?"*

Ow! The jealousy! It hurts, it stings!