Wednesday, November 16, 2005

all your miracles are raw materials

I swear Papa Joe “Pimpin’” Simpson was stopped next to me today in a bright yellow convertible. I resisted the temptation to yell out my window, “You make me wanna la la!”

Which he doesn’t.

And I’m sorry, the fact that Paris Hilton has a baby monkey that scratched and bit her face during a shopping spree only makes me want one more…it just proves their intelligence! I eagerly await the inevitable “Monkey flings feces on Paris Hilton at Kitson” news item. (I love Defamer’s take on it: “The poor thing will be dead in a week from the diet of Snickers and blow.”)

Yeah, anyway, I’m bored, so on to the meme making its way around the net.

WALLET: Basic black, nothing fancy. It’s fairly new, and I don’t particularly like it because the clasp is wonky. It’ll do for now.

HAIRBRUSH: Black Goody paddle brush at home; black Goody blue-handled brush in my purse.

TOOTHBRUSH: A red Dr. Du-More. I replace my toothbrush at the beginning of the month, so I just get the cheapest ones I can find. Now, toothpaste I splurge on. Currently, I have a tube of Fructodent Orange & Lemon, and I seriously want this so bad.

JEWELRY WORN DAILY: A white gold right-hand ring with six small diamonds. I can’t describe it very well, so here’s a picture:

SOCKS: Just plain white ones I buy in bulk at Target. I walk during my morning and afternoon breaks at work, and I wear socks and sneakers, and embarrassingly enough I have tan lines where my socks are.

PILLOWCASE: I have four pillows---two large ones that serve as a makeshift headboard, and two “regular” ones. The large ones have polka-dotted covers that match my bedspread; the regular ones have plain white cases.

BLANKET: A polka-dotted comforter that I bought at Urban Outfitters.

SUNGLASSES: Prescription cat’s eye sunglasses. I really need to get new ones.


SHOES: Today I am wearing my absolute favorite shoes, my Naturalizer Mary Janes. They were expensive, but worth it because they’re cute and comfortable.

HANDBAG: Black imitation Coach bag from Target.

KEYCHAIN: A freebie I got from one of my manga magazines. It has dangling kitty and fish charms.

COMPUTER: A Compaq Presario laptop. I don’t know the actual model number offhand, since I’m at work.

FAVORITE TOP: Either my Silent Hill shirt or one of my many shirts from Engrish.

FAVORITE PANTS: I don’t have any. I’m going to Old Navy tonight to search for that elusive perfect pair of jeans. I don’t think I can get away with wearing shorts much longer.

SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER: I ran out of shampoo, so currently I’m using a trial-size bottle of Ma Cherie, a Japanese brand, which I swiped from the New Prince Shinagawa last April. My current conditioner is Herbal Essences. It smells purty.

PERFUME: I am so freakin’ promiscuous when it comes to perfume. I have about thirty full-size bottles and an ice cube tray (literally) of samples. Today’s selection is Comptoir Sud Pacifique Lait Sucre, which smells like crème brulee tastes, but my absolute favorites are Molinard Tendre Friandises, anything by Anna Sui (great packaging, too), and Minnie Wilde Magic.

CD IN THE STEREO RIGHT NOW: I don’t have a stereo anymore, so let me turn on my iPod Shuffle and see what comes on. Ah, it’s “A Little Respect” by Erasure.

CAR: A 1996 Chevy Cavalier named Ariel. True, she’s not the most exciting car, but she’s paid for and she’s never given me any trouble that wasn’t caused by someone else’s (*coughjiffylubecough*) negligence or just plain old age.

IN THE FRIDGE: A leftover ham pizza from Papa John’s (seriously, I went into the biggest pizza jones last night and I just had to have it), diet Dr Pepper, half a gallon of milk, Wee Brie, and a couple of cartons of yogurt, in addition to K’s stuff.

TV: Uh…I’m not even sure what make it is, but I think it’s a Sony.

STEREO: Don’t have one anymore; I just listen to CDs on my laptop.

TELEPHONE: A cheap piece of crap. Like K, I am emotionally damaged by my years in the call center, so I hate talking on the phone any more than necessary.

CELL PHONE: Some bare bones model from Verizon. As mentioned above, I don’t like talking on the phone very often, but I figured I needed one for emergency situations. I use it more as an expensive alarm clock than anything else. I did gussy it up with cool ringtones, though: two selections from Lord of the Rings (hey, I got it during my LOTR phase, what can I say), “Turning Japanese” by The Vapors, and “The Bad Touch” by Bloodhound Gang.

WHAT DID I REALIZE ABOUT MYSELF? I don’t have very nice stuff.

A lagniappe for you, and one more. Please note that these are NOT safe for work…well, unless you work someplace much cooler than I do.