Monday, August 20, 2007


Random bits from the last couple of days:

* To everyone's delight, G2 and R arrived on Saturday afternoon. C and M joined us shortly thereafter, and we made a pilgrimage to Hollywood to see the Golden Girls Gone Wild art exhibit. Unfortunately, they were closed. Mope. (And yes, we tried calling them first, but got no answer.)

* R told us about a Thai restuarant she and G had gone to the night before. "And, bitches, they had an entertainer there called Kevin the Thai Elvis! He rocked my fucking socks off. If you do nothing else in your lifetime, you must see Kevin the motherfuckin' Thai Elvis." Plans are already being made to fulfill this goal.

* We had lunch at Mani's on Fairfax, where I ordered my hamburger without any toppings, and it came with ONIONS MIXED INTO THE MEAT. Yeah, couldn't eat that shit. I was slightly mollified by a Giovanni Ribisi sighting.

* We stopped at Randy's, the LA institution with the enormous donut on top, for (obviously) donuts. I had a jelly-filled which left a sticky smile on my lips.

* We went to the most gloriously ghetto arcade imaginable on the Redondo Beach pier. One horrifying game featured a clown puppet in the middle, slowly turning and scraping against the glass. (Against all odds, I did not have nightmares about Scrapy the Clown escaping from his glass confines last night.) We played skeeball and garnered enough tokens so that everyone could get a cheesy prize. I opted for the surprise box, which contained an inflatable Christmas wreath, jelly bracelets, snowman pencil toppers, lipgloss that was turning yellow and oily with age, and a personalized bracelet that read "Kayla". Suh-weet.

* After dinner at Rocky Cola's Cafe, we drove back to G's, singing along with "White Lines" and "I Will Survive". C and M left shortly thereafter, and the rest of us played a card game called Hex Hex before G2 and R sadly had to leave.

* Today I went to Chick-Fil-A and got the chicken nuggets with Polynesian dipping sauce. Damn good, and I discovered when I went shopping afterwards that nothing gets people's attention like a Chick-Fil-A cup. ("Excuse me, where is there a Chick-Fil-A around here?!") Between that and the way I ate this weekend, I shall have to be good for the rest of the week.

* Visited four furniture stores in search of a reasonably sized, reasonably priced dining room table; no luck. May have to go with the Target one after all.

* Massage tonight, but first, a nap.