Monday, January 04, 2016

2015: my year in review

JANUARY:  Finished Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call.  G-Vo and I returned from our trip to Florida.  My dad came out for a visit, and we visited botanical gardens, a local zoo, and downtown Ventura, and we also ate tons of delicious food.  Got yet another new boss.  Read 4 novels, 2 nonfiction books, and 4 volumes of manga; watched 12 movies.

FEBRUARY:  Watched the Superbowl with G-Vo.  My dad returned to Florida.  Finished Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd.  Enjoyed a lovely Valentine's Day with my sweetie.  Took President's Day off as a mental health day.  Watched the Oscars and correctly predicted 17 out of 24 winners.  Read 7 novels, 1 nonfiction book, 8 volumes of manga, and 3 graphic novels; watched 9 movies.

MARCH:  Finished Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (P4 section only).  G-Vo gave me a belated Valentine's Day present: gorgeous concept art from The Last of Us, signed by the artist, that he'd gotten custom framed.  Got my hair cut for the first time in 6 months.  Went to a really cool Avatar/Legend of Korra art exhibit.  Finished The Evil Within and The Wolf Among Us.  Enjoyed an entire week where all of my least favorite coworkers were out.  Read 4 novels, 2 nonfiction books, 12 volumes of manga, and 3 graphic novels; watched 9 movies.

APRIL:  G-Vo and I hung out with our friend M for her belated birthday celebration.  Took a mental health day and was punished with an allergy attack and diarrhea.  Finished Resident Evil: Revelations 2.  My brother spent 4 days in the hospital; it's not my place to say why, but I'm glad to report he's doing fine now.  Got a new boss that I really dislike, but on the plus side, she spends most of her time up north and only flies down every couple of weeks to check in on us and be irritating in person.  Was taking a walk around the parking lot at work and was horrified to run across two teenagers having sex in the bushes.  Went to the dermatologist.  Read 6 novels, 1 nonfiction book, 11 volumes of manga, and one graphic novel; watched 8 movies.

MAY:   G-Vo hung up the Last of Us picture he got me for Valentine's Day, and it wasn't until it was above my couch that I realized how much I'd needed something there.  Pulled back the comforter on my bed and was horrified to see a huge spider scuttling over my sheets; fortunately, G-Vo was there and sent that bastard to a watery grave.  Catsat for M.  Had an awful nightmare about the mail lady at work stalking me and trying to kill me.  Took a day off to get my car serviced, and while they were working on it, I had lunch and got an excellent massage at a nearby mall.  Unfortunately, they forgot to reset my TPMS, so I had to go back a couple of days later, which I was NOT happy about.  Went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron with our friends C and J.  Had a lovely Memorial Day weekend with G-Vo, and spent the next one all by myself because he went to Florida for his nephew's graduation.  (I didn't have enough vacation time to join him.)  I consoled myself with piles of magazines, books, and DVDs in addition to lots and lots of junk food.  Read 12 (!!) novels, 3 nonfiction books, 7 volumes of manga, and 2 graphic novels; watched 6 movies.

JUNE:  When I saw G-Vo again after almost 2 weeks, I squeezed him so hard I practically broke a rib!  A Windows update left my computer fucked up, which was awesome.  My friend J had a freak accident that left her seriously injured.  Got a massage from an old Korean dude that left my upper arms looking like bad bananas. Southern California continued to be hot as balls.  Watched the devastating season finale of Game of Thrones.  Went to the crotch doc for my yearly exam, and all of my ladybits are in fine working order.  Took a mental health day, although I didn't do anything particularly interesting.  N00boss continued to be fucking annoying as shit.  Finished The Order: 1886.  Read 10 novels, 2 nonfiction books, 3 graphic novels, and 4 volumes of manga; watched 4 movies.

JULY:  Had a lovely 4th of July weekend with G-Vo.  Booked my September Vegas trip.  My dad was hospitalized after some blood tests came back abnormal, and he was diagnosed with lymphoma.  Took G-Vo's birthday off so I could properly fete him, and we went out for brunch and dinner and went to see Inside Out.  I turned another year older, which sucked, but at least I had a lovely birthday!  Had a belated joint birthday celebration (lunch, a matinee of Trainwreck, and quality time with her cats) with M and another one a week later with C and J in Little Tokyo.  Read 8 novels, no nonfiction books, and 6 volumes of manga; watched 15 movies.

AUGUST:  Got my 'do did.  A major heatwave scorched Southern California (up to 106 degrees at one point!), so I got a ton of reading done since I wasn't walking 3 miles a day.  Got yet another new boss at work, who I nicknamed Squidward due to her unfortunate resemblance to the SpongeBob SquarePants character.  G-Vo and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary.  Closed out the month in Las Vegas on a solo trip; I ate a ton of delicious food, got a "four hands" massage (i.e. two therapists working on me at the same time), saw Britney Spears' show, and hung out with my dear friend Spock.  Read 8 novels, 6 nonfiction books, and 8 volumes of manga; watched 8 movies.

SEPTEMBER:  Finished Until Dawn.  Woke up literally sobbing from a nightmare, but fortunately G-Vo was there to comfort me.  Got a mammogram, and my girls were fine.  SoCal continued to get hammered by high temperatures.  Read 10 novels, 1 nonfiction book, 2 volumes of manga, and 2 graphic novels; watched 9 movies.

OCTOBER:  Took a mental health day because I was feeling really down.  Got stuck doing mail and file at work for 2 weeks because one of the main M&F people was on medical leave and the other one went on vacation.  Cat sat for my friend M.  My kitchen sink started leaking, and the plumber managed to make an unholy mess out of my kitchen AND knock my fridge completely askew, so that was neat.  Read 6 novels, 3 nonfiction books, 3 volumes of manga, and one graphic novel; watched 10 movies.

NOVEMBER:  G-Vo's sister and brother-in-law were in town, so we hung out with them for a couple of days.  Spent Thanksgiving in New Mexico with G-Vo's family, eating a ton of good food and visiting several museums/art galleries and an alpaca farm.  Read 7 novels, 3 nonfiction books, 5 graphic novels, and 10 volumes of manga; watched 7 movies.

DECEMBER:  Got my 'do did.  Had an unusually busy week in the middle of the month:  a live (well, simulcast) RiffTrax showing of Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny, the opening night of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Poe & Finn = my OTP), and dinner/hanging out with our friend R, who was in town for the holidays.  Said a very sad goodbye to M's cat Sonnet, who had to be put to sleep due to intestinal cancer.  G-Vo got a nasty cold.  Spent Christmas with G-Vo eating orange cinnamon rolls, watching movies, playing video games, and opening gifts from my family.  With only 1 day left in my overall shitty year, I managed to slip on an acorn in the parking lot at work and sprain the shit out of my ankle.  Bid 2015 farewell with a raised middle finger and a glass of prosecco.  Read 8 novels, 3 nonfiction books, 8 volumes of manga, and 1 graphic novel; watched 10 movies.