Monday, November 28, 2005

premature ejockulator

This is how much I missed G:

I watched every minute of the Giants/Seahawks game yesterday.

Of my own volition.

Yes, I sat in front of the TV in my Giants shirt and trashy sweatpants, drinking a beer, eating generic teriyaki Slim Jims, and scratching where my balls would be, yelling at the screen every time they racked up yet another frigging false start penalty.

And they lost thanks to Jay Feely completely muffing the field goal that would have won them the game.

I will say this, though.

Thank god for the Internet, because the priceless moment when my man Jeremy Shockey (yes, I'm sure he's the biggest freakin' asshole in real life, but goddamn, can he fill out some pants. I hate to see him go, but I love to watch him leave) began celebrating and then, oops! has been captured for eternity in this hysterical gif:

G's going to need a biiiiiiiiiiig hug when he gets back, methinks.

OBLIGATORY CREDIT NOTE: I did not come up with the title to my entry; it's swiped from Deadspin.