Wednesday, September 13, 2006

White Flour!

Somebody must have been asleep at the editor's desk when this picture found its way into the final galleys of the new Martha Stewart's Living:

Now, I know they didn't mean for their artfully designed marshmallow ghosts to wind up looking like Klansmen on the prowl, but goddamn!

(And as much as I'd like to take credit for my entry title, I can't; it was left as a comment on Gawker's critique of this disturbing Halloween treat.)

I just picked up my copy of Rule of Rose, the new PS2 game that's stirred up a shitstorm of controversy over some of its disturbing themes. Allegedly, Sony begged its US distributors not to release it over here for fear of bringing the likes of Joe Liebermann and Hillary Rodham Clinton down on their heads. Now, the cynic in me thinks this may be a very clever marketing ploy---"Get it before it's banned!"---but I didn't get it for that. I got it because it's a new survival horror game with a twisted storybook feel to it, and I need something to tide me over until the next Silent Hill/Resident Evil. True, it's probably only methadone to Silent Hill's/Resident Evil's pure crack cocaine, but I had to get it. Now I'm off to check out the opening movie (I promised G I wouldn't play it without him, but he usually doesn't watch opening movies because of potential spoilers) and sniff the instruction manual., that sounds like a euphemism.